I persist

…but I worry


Table? What table?

Me:  Honey, what’s that table in your truck?

Him:  Table? What table?

Me:  That table.  It has black legs, a wooden top and its laying upside down in the bed of your truck.

Him:  ( with attitude )  Oh, that.  That’s not a table. That’s a ….a …. leg assemblage for a bandsaw or tablesaw.

Me:  (with resignation)  Oh, so its a table.

Him:  ( more attitude )   Call it whatever you want.

I can’t make this crap up……..

Not in MY car…

My husbands likes to build muscle cars.  His passion is his 66 Nova — little deuce coupe.  Today he backed it out of the garage like he does every couple weeks, revved it up, came in  and announced “I am going for a ride in my car”.

“Pick up some toilet paper on your way back”.

Wait for it…

“No, Im not stopping in my car and picking up toilet paper  .  No way.”

I kid you not.  This man, who has purchased toilet paper, tampons and hemorroid cream will NOT, and I repeat N – O – T  stop at the store and put toilet paper in his Nova.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…..

phases of normal

Years ago the refrigerator was always open.  As was the pantry door, and usually the snack cabinet.  With three kids, and their waves of friends, someone was always hungry.

The grew up and for a while I kept things like stuffed olives and spinach bread in the refrigerator and we changed from kraft cheese blocks to artisanal offerings laid out on a bamboo cutting board with matching slicer.

Grandkids came  and we reopened the snack cabinet and laughed as subsequent 2 year olds made their way to the cheese balls and gushers…the pantry found itself loaded with teething biscuits and oddly orange cheese noodles.  Lucky to have all of our kids live within 10 minutes distance, we went through packing lunch for one of them to pick up on his way to work, setting two extra places at the table, just in case, and dropping coffee and protein boxes off to our daughters job.

We moved, only 30 minutes down the road, to a smaller house.  Not “on the way” to anyones normal destinations, and it took me a while to realize I didnt need to buy frozen waffles, oreo cookies or boxes of pizza.  Fruit snacks and yogurt sticks passed their expiration dates before they were tossed and I realized I missed feeding them all…

The nor’easter brought 3 snow days to our area.  We drove home from our beach place in case we were needed for emergency childcare.  Late yesterday afternoon the youngest came to pick up her 2 and headed for the kitchen.  “Wheres the leftover brisket?”  Her husband turned on the coffee pot and she pulled the provolone cheese from the refrigerator.  Today my son came to pick up his 2, said hello, went straight to the kitchen, opened the nacho chips and new jar of salsa, sat in his dads chair and enjoyed an afternoon snack.  I sat, amazed and humbled that they still know they are “home” when they walk in the door.  Doors slam, cupboards open and years of memories rush back.  Life is good.

keeping it real

Last night I watched one of those shows where they renovate a house.  This lady was moving to a new state to have her dad come live with her and her husband.  This state was half a country away from her original home.  So, anyway, they obviously had a ton of money and were renovating a beautiful big house, putting in handrails for dad, building him his own suite….adding great decorator touches to the whole home.  beautiful.

But, the lady kept going on about “I need a huge island so when the family comes to visit there will be room for us to gather around the island”  She went on and on about how when the “whole” family is here it will be so relaxing and so family…..Sunday breakfasts and chats on the back porch….

I was like, whoa mom, wake up!  Those young men you raised are not planning on jumping on a plane every weekend and having breakfast with the rents….All those cousins and siblings and extended family members are staying put — your’e the one leaving, setting up shop half a country away.

Cynical much? maybe.  Realistic?  yah.  Of course I may be wrong, but I just kind of felt sorry for her, she was building this huge home with the expectation that they all would have home time like when she was living nearby…..I doubt it.

weight of the world…

This week has been rough … ( understatement, I know ) on many levels.  Nationally, the tragedy in Florida sucks the air out of me.

Personally, issues with my mom, my grandchildren…cause me to ache to be able to do more, to fix, to be present everywhere, all the time…

Physically I made it to the gym once.  Not good.  need to be there at least 3 times a week.

And, it is still February.


Note to self…

Things to NEVER do AGAIN

#1.  Drive husband home, 11 days after back surgery, in a snow storm.  A freakin blizzard like, ice, snow, hail   snow storm.

#2.  Run out of tequilla after #1.


UGGHHH…I hate February.

As far as Im concerned the only two good things that ever happened in February are the births of two of my grandchildren…. and seriously both of them could have waited a couple days…..March is so much more hopeful.

This weather, the dark, stores full of grumpy people.  My husband pouting over whatever has him pissed off at the moment.

I hate February.