I’m not sure if I have shared this on this blog, but I am a knitter…I spend more hours than anyone knows spinning wool, knitting blankets, hats, gloves, sweaters, scarfs…and socks.  My kids love my socks.  My husband has a pair that he wears every time he shovels snow or goes hunting.  The grandbabies  have left a trail of socks in every car, house or store they have ever visited.

This morning I was one toe away from finishing a pair of beautiful eyelet pattern pink socks for my oldest.  Score.  Finished by Valentines Day.  Fire in the woodstove, steaming mug of coffee on the table, handspun and knit blanket on my lap, all snug in my pride that these were going to be finished on the day I had promised myself they would be.  And then I saw it. Or should I say, them.  What were these holes next to the twist?  Where did they come from.  A little digging and I figured out that  somewhere around the bottom of the leg, where it hits the beginning of the heel and instep, I had become all dyslexic and yarned over before the knit one, instead of between two knit ones.  Hence, several inches of misplaced eyelets, RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE SOCK.  I may have been able to convince myself to “let it go” had it been over the heel, maybe she would never look at the back of her foot and notice….Or, had I been newer in my knitting obsession and afraid that if I ripped it out I’d never actually make it again, I might have told myself that it looked deliberate, funky and was an artistic statement 🙂 .

But, not today. Today I sighed once and began to “ribbit”.  pulled stitch after stitch out, smiled a little when I hit the spot where the pink sock ran into the blue top cuff — and they disassociated themselves beautifully — and cast on 40 stitches, joined, careful not to twist, and began the 4 row eyelet pattern.  Again.

And because knitting is always about more than, well, just knitting, I thought a bit about the metaphor of this experience…An eye for perfection, a desire to let things slide, knowing full well that I can’t, the ability to back up, rip out and begin again.  Yup, pretty much describes me…

So what is the next holiday that would warrant a pair of nice pink socks for my oldest???? Mother’s Day!  oh, that means I have to knit a pair for the youngest too…..IMG_20160129_223138202 (1)