September vacations…who knew?

One of the busts about teaching is you have to live on their schedule.  “Them” being the districts that set the school year….there are no vacation days in teaching…except for the ones built in, and when you have vacation, be it Spring break or Summer vacation or Christmas break, the WHOLE NATION of children are on break and everything is crowded and noisy…and you know, full of kids.  Which, being a teacher for 25 years, I can tell you, is NOT how teachers want to spend their vacations — with a whole load of kids who don’t listen to them…but I digress…

So, now that I am retired and restarted, in another wonderful career…..I can take a vacation in September.  Holy God, why didnt someone tell me it would be this awesome????  September, glorious september. cool in the evening, warm during the day, uncrowded beach.  Oh my, how did I not know about this sooner?  Oh, thats right, I was in school…WP_20140928_009 WP_20140928_034 WP_20140929_006


help me understand

I’m asking, and without malice or sarcasm or any other negative tone,  what makes one decide to homeschool?  I come at this from a decidedly biased bent — Ive been a teacher for over 20 years, at every level from infant care to college coursework, and in those 20 plus years I have studied, taken courses, gone to professional development, observed peers, been observed, trained student teachers…you get the drift.  I have immersed myself in the profession of education.  I have seen public education rise and wane, I have seen private schools pop up like daffodils at the mere mention of “deseg” or “choice”.  I have wondered at the draw of small, obviously underfunded diocese schools and envied the Montessori schools.

I have worried about social media, bullying, date rape, behavior problems in the class room, novice teachers, burnt out teachers, teachers who don’t know when to retire, cultural differences, gangs, eating disorders, gym teachers and prom dates, cliques and outcasts.

But, I never understand the decision to isolate one’s child and it seems like every time I open wordpress or pinterest I see another blog or post about “my wonderful homeschool life”.  Are parents who homeschool inordinately interested in posting pix and descriptions of their activities or are they posting to help others think of cool things to do.  And since when did “building forts out back” count as a school day??  And how does one  call oneself a teacher without training and education and guidance.  I cant hang a sign and call myself a doctor, or for that matter, an NFL quarterback, so how does it happen that one can “be” a teacher with no prerequisites?  And I know I am bordering on the politically incorrect here, because your child is YOUR CHILD and for some reason parents have the right to do pretty much anything they deem necessary for their possession, er, their child.  But, in all my years of living (55)  I cant remember meeting 20 adults who were homeschooled …..

I just don’t get it.  If you can help me, I’d appreciate it.  Please dont yell at me or tell me how good you are at it..and how obviously i am just an embittered old public school teacher .I just would like to understand what makes someone decide to stay home and teach their own children all day .  and, if you have links to research that shows data regarding future  success of homeschooled kids, Id love to see that….