Merry Christmas?

3 kids, 3 inlaws. 6 grandchildren.  1 case of RSV, one asthma attack, one bad cough, one pink eye and one “almost fractured leg”.  That leaves one healthy grandchild ….

Oh, and a tray of lasagna, a 10 lb. ham, potato salad, festive crasin salad, a gallon of homemade eggnog, 2 ricotta pies, 10 dozen cookies, 2 pickle wheels, 2 lbs. of ring bologna, 2 lbs of swiss cheese………what am I going to do with all this food????

These kids better get well, pronto!


you know you’re OLD when…

elfyou reach up to the valance to wrap the Christmas Elf’s arm around the loop and you pull  your back to the point where you are draped over a side table yelling ” babe, babe” and your husband comes running out to the family room and thinks ” oh my God, she’s having a heart attack” and grabs for the phone to dial 911, because, you know, thats what you do when your wife is having a heart attack.  And, you yell “no, no, I pulled my back” and he puts the phone down and says, “what?  Stupid elf”. and leaves you draped over the table while he walks to the kitchen to finish washing dishes.  Old.