It really is all about the message…

I had a rather unpleasant experience with an unnamed organization dedicated to supporting families in the fight against eating disorders. I and this unnamed org. had spoken for months, and i repeat MONTHS about my taking on a leadership role, they were looking for new blood, someone with similar principles and ideas , but with new ideas and energy. I fit the bill. Until, alas, when I attended the national conference and was told “dont introduce yourself as a board member, we havent told everyone yet” my bubble burst and I realized that the last thing I needed was to become involved with a group whose major concern was “appearances”, not advocacy.
So I moved on, mutually agreed upon decision: this wasnt gonna work.

Today I read a posting on facebook regarding BMI testing in schools. Damn, why is this still considered a good idea? Why does it sound like a good thing to have kids announce their weight or bmi in front of a crowd? Are you kidding me?

So anyway, the old advocacy beast reared its head again. I am retiring from public education in March, which gives me the perfect opportunity to start banging on doors to advocate for eating disorder awareness. And since I havent found a “club” ( I never was a clique chick) that I fit in with, I guess I will have to begin on my own… any takers?