thanks wordpress

WordPress sent me a note today.  I registered to blog with them 4 years ago….not sure how that feels, like yesterday or several lifetimes ago….

I write less lately.  Please don’t mistake that for a lack of opinions :).  It is the result of spending too many hours at a computer screen during the day.  this job of mine has turned into its own sort of monster.  My eyes, and brain, are tired at the end of the day.

This retirement thing seems to have taken a leave of absence.

I promised myself that the job would be “fun”. that i would not slip into old habits of caring too much, working too much, worrying too much.  Right.  There are great moments of joy in my work, but the push is palpable:  do more, bring in more funding, bring in more schools, up your numbers, be the best supervisor ever, understand millennials, don’t let people walk on you, check on this and  this and this.  I’m exhausted.

But, this too shall pass.  In the scheme of things I have nothing to complain about.  Life is full, the beach house is awesome, you know the drill.

However, I am going to do some serious thinking after the first of the year.  Maybe it’s time for some changes….

Oh, and Happy Anniversary WordPress.  Glad you stuck around.






…and underpaid has just taken on all new meaning……just sayin.

Suh-weet Jesus….

what a day!!!!! Everyone , EVERYONE i came into contact with today either had a bad morning, a stressful afternoon or appeared to be losing their mind….is it a full moon????  Is the earth falling off its axis?  Is there some bad mojo floating around?  Man, if tomorrow goes like this Im going to bed and staying there…

This day…

will go down as one of my most miserable in years.  Not the worst day, not a terrifying or mournful day, but damn miserable.  miserable.   Started with a miserable work meeting, followed with a miserable work phone call, drug on with me whining to my boss about how miserable my day was going.  And then, in the middle of the miserableness of  it all, the server went down.  No computer, no hard drive, no email.  Are you kidding me?  How, in today’s business world are you supposed to get anything done like this?  So miserable me sat on my miserable floor and sorted through the miserable mess of a filing system that my predecessor left me. Miserable.

And then I get home and no gin.  or wine.  Miserable.

I think I’ll move to Australia.

I’m on Teacher Time

So, I retired 11 months ago from many years of teaching in the public school system.  Many reasons why, some of which can be found on my blog, but that’s not todays story.  Today I need to talk about “Teacher Time”.  You see, teachers have their own time frame —

the day starts at 7:00 am ( or 8:45 if you’re an elementary teacher) and ends, well, you know, it really never ends.

You pee every 90 minutes, and you can pee, wipe, wash your hands and check your lipstick in 3 minutes, getting you back to your room before the kids return from wherever the bell sent them.

You mark grilled cheese and tomato soup days on your calendar.

You wake before light.

You start, progress and finish everything in 10 weeks or less.  (This can cause problems if you go into the “normal” work world where people set, go figure, realistic timeframe goals for projects)

You have a “snowday” setting on your alarm clock

You know, EXACTLY, how many minutes it takes to get to work, you can figure in lights, stopped busses, deer running across the road and fog, and can still get there in time to have a cup of coffee.

Christmas break is Christmas break, no matter who wants to call it “winter” break.

Same goes for Easter.

Summer starts the day the last bell rings.

Which brings me to my point.  I have left many of the teacher time obsessions behind.  I make grilled cheese whenever I want, pee when I need to and start my day after I check the computer, have a cup of coffee and knit at least one row on whatever I’m working on at the moment.

But the Summer break thing haunts me.  I’ve been working with a non profit since the minute I retired ( the actual minute) and its been 11 months without a break.  Part time work for sure, nice, self directed schedule that only gets stressful occasionally, but steady.  And I am feeling that teacher time pull that says “you need a break”.   Not sure how I’m going to make my bosses understand….


the Happy Medium

Yesterday I stopped  at Oldest daughter’s and played with her two wonderful children for an hour, and then headed to youngest daughters and played with her wonderful oldest son while she nursed wonderful youngest son, for an hour.  This morning I snuggled with our son’s  wonderful daughter who got dropped off at 6:15 because son had to go in to work at a ridiculous hour…then I dropped her off at 8:45 at preschool and then oldest daughter dropped her wonderful daughter off at 9:15 so that she could go buy the supplies for her wonderful  sons 4th birthday party .  Youngest daughter called to see if I was “coming over” today, her oldest was asking for me.  I  answered the phone to have youngest daughter’s husband ask if I could watch their wonderful  boys for a few hours tomorrow afternoon so he could take her out to dinner before she returns to work on Monday, when I will begin watching  wonderful 3 month old on Mondays and Fridays ( because I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.) And then, oldest daughter called to remind me that I was watching her two tonight at 5 while she and husband go look for a new car and buy their son’s birthday present.for his party Sunday…But hey, shes gonna order pizza so I don’t have to cook.

So, do you get my drift?  They are all wonderful creative, loving children.  All under the age of 5.  But, man, are their parents needy.  I love being with my grandbabies but 96 hours consumed by shifts of babysitting culminating with a ten hour shift with the newborn?  Grammys gonna be beat.  And then I get to go to work Tuesday….

We’re gonna have to have a family meeting, and soon!