IT happened Again…

it happened again.  Kids killed in school.  In a community college.  in the center of a little piece of America where people are just trying to do better.  And the news covered it — for a minute.  And the President pleaded with America to fix things — for a minute.  And I shook my head and lowered my eyes in prayer — for a minute.

And today it may happen again.  Or tomorrow.  How do we continue to send our children off to school with this happening.  How do we do nothing.


that was unexpected

Going through a particularly strange time at work. Took my concerns, and the reason I am retiring in March, which is something NO good teacher ever does ( except me, and dont ever assume Im not a good teacher) to my suprientendant yesterday. I had told myself that if he refused to see me I was “taking it to the paper”, ready to tell the world about just how bad public education had become. But he didnt refuse. His secretary contacted me 10 minutes after I sent the original email asking for a meeting and offered me two dates to choose from. I chose the first one. Got to the meeting 2 minutes late ( one wrong turn in elesmere and you’re screwed) and was greeted by my suprientendent and our professional development head, they both had fresh white tablets and I had a two inch binder emblazened with the name of the person who is causing my early retreat from education. they sat on one side of the table , I on the other. Interestingly enough, the chair I was to sit in was cocked invitingly towards me — not pushed under the table. I notice those kind of things, it was like “hey cindy, come on in, sit down, chew the fat awhile”. His conference table is about 30 inches wide. Narrow. when you sit and face him you are maybe 18 inches away from his face if you lean in for effect. when I leaned in, he did not lean away. I noticed that too.

So after reminding him that we go way back, I sat on a committee that did not hire him for a principals job, we cried together at the funeral for a child… I told him, in no uncertain terms why I was leaving our district. I was going on two assumptions: either he knew how i had been treated and thought it was ok, or he didnt know. either way I had something to say.

He didnt know.

the suprientendent of the second biggest district in our state has the audacity to delegate work to his trusted staff and then doesnt micromanage them. Refreshing. However, in this case, unfortunate. His staff person has been bullying people for the past several years, ending the conversation with “and dont contact ______ or anyone else. I am the point person on this”.

This time, she picked the wrong person to bully. I am not your bitch, bitch.

And he apologized. the Suprientendant of the second largest district in our state apologized. Sincerely, i think.

That was unexpected. Refreshing.

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