This funk is spiraling. Invading my daily life, like grocery shopping, or talking to one of my daughters. This funk, caused by my son’s decision to marry a woman who seemed perfectly normal for a couple years then kicked his sisters out of the wedding by text message….well, you get the picture. all the years of raising children and it never occurred to me that any of them would marry someone who so loves a fight. who is pulling him away from his family. I mean, you expect, as a mom, that your kid’s spouses might think YOU are a pain in the butt, or whatever. but this girl has turned on his sisters. wtf? so its spiraling..


my heart is tired

My heart is tired. My head is tired. My sense of right and wrong is exhausted. The strain of 34 years of childraising, grandchild helping, husband nurturing, father caring for, mother straining to understanding….all of it, has me exhausted. So much so that I am having trouble seeing the light, feeling the strength and joy that usually surrounds me. And, I dont see an end to this.