tossin this out there

Why is it that my grown daughter feels it is ok to ignore my phone calls?  I know cell phones are invasive, and that you dont HAVE to answer them, but its her mother for God’s sake, wouldnt you think she’d pick up just to make sure everything is ok?????  When she calls me, I answer.  When her dad calls, 99% of the time, she answers.  When I call?  its a 50/50 chance she will pick up.  Seriously.


for the kids

funny. I started this post days ago.well, started is kind of a stretch, I wrote the title, and then nothing more…hhmmm. deep message there? Or did the phone ring or Jax poo his pants? or did I just decide i had nothing that day….
For the kids: love, acceptance, free babysitting, peace of mind, prayer, money, gifts, that about says it all.

for the kids…hhhmmm. loaded subject there…