It has been

a rough day.  Professionally.  You try and try, you work and work….and find yourself attacked.  It hurts, it angers, it makes you wonder if it is worth it at all….


6 thoughts on “It has been

      1. it is that bad, eh?… I love my job but nowadays I also wish that I quit it. but then what is my alternative? I cannot find such a job again; it is meaningful, pays good (very grateful). I myself just need to remember to relax. for you the reasons may be entirely different. I believe in opportunities; I just am scared of financial hardship. it is tricky. but when you are done, you know you are done I guess….

      2. yes, some days are pretty rough, but I love the mission and also need to relax and enjoy the good….I retired from teaching 3 years ago and work in the non profit field now…..
        today I just felt very very misunderstood…

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