Damn Heroin

excuse my convoluted rambling today, and if you stopped in to catch a light hearted rambling about life, turn away friend, turn away.

Yesterday. on facebook, I read:” RIP” ……….. followed by the name of an old friend of my youngest daughter.  slid down the page and saw several other notes “you were the best man’, “always there to help someone out”, “I hope you finally found peace”.  No answers there, but a rumbling in my head that hinted the worst.  I called her, asked what had happened, and in that monotone that says she is processing something that is too large to process, she told me his story.
“Yeah, he had moved to California, was coming back, had been clean for a while, met up with someone, got ahold of something, OD’d and has been on life support for 48 hours.  They shut it off today and he died at noon, today.”

Damn it.  Another under thirty child with hope and a family, friends that love him and a future to run towards, died with a needle stuck in his arm.  Damn Heroin.  And this society that can figure out the answer to ANYTHING, we still have no cure, no preventative measures that work and hundreds of kids dying every year.

And, my daughter has lost another friend.  I have lost count, over the years, of the number of people she has lost. the tragedies that she has had to think through.  I am saddened, frustrated and scared for the future of this generation.

Damn Heroin.


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