changes and stages and afternoons in the sun

Are you freaking kidding me?  Diabetes?  Seriously?  Its like we took a chronological timeline of my dads medical history and dumped it into me.  His open heart surgery at 52.  My stents?  You guessed it, 52. Sleep apnea diagnosis shortly thereafter.  And now, at 57, “Cindy, looking at those numbers, we’re talking diabetes, just like your dad”.  Oh hell.  And like dad, overweight, busy as all get out but also very static lifestyle.  I work, behind a desk, my hobbies?  Knitting, spinning, sewing ( in all honesty I do use my serger standing up, does that count?),reading…playing with my grandbabies.  Most of these involve very little aerobic or strength building exercise….the good news is I don’t and never have smoked, my cholesterol is maintaining good numbers with the medication….but, diabetes?  Oh hell.

Answered the phone and relayed the visit to my husband.  When I got home tonight he was chopping a vegetable salad into our biggest salad bowl, rotisseried chicken on the side.  Assuring me it would be ok, we would lose weight together, walk together, eat better, together. And now, 2 hours later.  Im hungry.  hes asleep in his chair, lucky dog, but Im hungry.  time for some whole grain cereal and skim milk.  Yum.

So, I guess I have to take this seriously, walk a mile a day, watch my diet, lower stress.  Oh hell.


2 thoughts on “changes and stages and afternoons in the sun

  1. Looks like you might have to think about re-prioritizing, moving yourself farther up the list. I’ve done something similar recently, though it’s made me feel a little bit selfish. Funny, as I just saw an fb post that mentioned being this kind of selfish i.e. taking care of yourself should not be thought of as selfish because it means you’ll probably be around longer and better able to do other unselfish things.

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