Choice, my ass.

So, how about all those parents who choose to not have their children vaccinated go live somewhere where they can’t spread the illnesses their kids catch  to all the children whose parents did have their children vaccinated and cant spread their illnesses to all those children with autoimmune diseases that make them especially susceptible to the diseases those “choosing” parent’s children carry, and cant spread their diseases to the infants whose parents haven’t been able to make the “choice” yet — or to all the children with leukemia or a myriad of other diseases that make them susceptible to your choice. Or to the pregnant mothers who don’t really know if their moms had them vaccinated when they were kids…
It kind of reminds me of second hand smoke or drinking and driving. Yes, you can choose to kill yourself, or to leave your child exposed to illness that generations before you have seen take children from their parents arms, or disabled for life — but damn it, you don’t get to choose to expose my grandchildren to your koolaid.


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