I wonder if they know

I wonder if my kids know how much joy it gives me when they laugh with me.  When we connect on that level and find something unbelievably funny at exactly the same time.  My kids, you know, are all grown, with families and stressors and ideas and activities…and adult friends that they laugh with.

We went through that wonderful family time when they were all early twenties — flip cup on the back porch, beer pong, fishing trips…lots of fun and laughter.  Then one got married, one got sick and one got stupid with alcohol so those kind of parties with bonfires and late night bottles of wine, subsided.

We became subdued….

But now, all are healthy, all are married, and they, for the most part, handle their alcohol like adults.  And so, again we laugh.  Sometimes.  Not over beerpong and bonfires, but over things their kids do, or say.  Or the way their father shops. Or something I have told them to do, like place a blanket over their child’s head when they take him outside to protect him from the cold.

And I will look at my child and see that smile in their eye.  and we will laugh. Belly laugh.  And it feels so familiar and so good.  I am so glad they are here.


2 thoughts on “I wonder if they know

  1. I loved that this was the first post I read this morning, the smile is still on my lips. It’s interesting the different stages of relationships we have with our children, and like you, it fills my heart when, as they get older, we actually have more in common than just being ‘mum’. My son and his wife stopped by for an impromptu dinner last night, and on leaving they said “perhaps we could do this every other Friday? It was just so relaxing being here”. I think my heart was about to burst.

    1. Ah, success. You have raised a son who appreciates the peace that coming home can provide! Congratulations!
      And thank you for your kind comment. The ages and stages of motherhood all have their triumphs and challenges, it is good to share them.

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