an observation on teachers

Some of my best friends are teachers.  I was a teacher for over 20 years.  So, the rant that follows may seem a bit, well, treason-ish, but I have to get this off my chest.

Why is it that teachers bemoan the upcoming Monday return to work  every Sunday?  Why is it that social media is full of “I don’t want to go” and “Oh ,6  am, how I hate you” when the end of a vacation looms.   Why is it that the mere mention of a “flurry” brings out the “snow day” cries — and why do teachers start counting down to the end of the school year the minute Spring vacation is over?

And, do these teachers really think that their kids don’t sense this?

Now, I know, lots of it is in fun.  Teachers love teaching.  Why else would we stay in a field that pays so poorly, garners such little respect and has such ridiculous hours….but really guys.

Let up a bit on the “Woo Hoo! I don’t want to go to school.”  It’s just not very becoming.


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