It’s the Little things

So, I dont grow nails easily.  Bit them clear up until I was, like, 50.  Ok, I still bite them sometimes.  but anyway, since this summer I have been obsessed.  Had them looking awesome for sons wedding ( you know in case i had to claw anyones eyes out…), but then when I went to the salon and got them “done” I succumbed to pressure and let them do gel nails over mine.  Which would have been ok had I gone back and let them take them off.  but, no.  When , a couple weeks later, they started to peel back ( kind of like your skin peels after you get a sun burn…) I went all crazy and pulled them off.  Peeled them off.  AAhhh….

That was 3 months ago.  it has taken 3 months for these tiny little nails to outgrow the damage i did when i pulled them off.  peeling, chipping, soft layers of nail.  You name it  .  But they are back.  been growing nicely for about 2 weeks.  Until Today.  Prepping for Thanksgiving I must have washed my hands 30 times.  and now my nails are almost translucent.  they’re all gonna break tomorrow, I bet. Its a little thing, I know, but man, I do love a pretty set of nails…

Of course, I love Thanksgiving too…ah well


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