September vacations…who knew?

One of the busts about teaching is you have to live on their schedule.  “Them” being the districts that set the school year….there are no vacation days in teaching…except for the ones built in, and when you have vacation, be it Spring break or Summer vacation or Christmas break, the WHOLE NATION of children are on break and everything is crowded and noisy…and you know, full of kids.  Which, being a teacher for 25 years, I can tell you, is NOT how teachers want to spend their vacations — with a whole load of kids who don’t listen to them…but I digress…

So, now that I am retired and restarted, in another wonderful career…..I can take a vacation in September.  Holy God, why didnt someone tell me it would be this awesome????  September, glorious september. cool in the evening, warm during the day, uncrowded beach.  Oh my, how did I not know about this sooner?  Oh, thats right, I was in school…WP_20140928_009 WP_20140928_034 WP_20140929_006


4 thoughts on “September vacations…who knew?

  1. I will have to admit that “off-season” vacations were one of the major perks of homeschooling my children. We were able to see some amazing things without any crowds, any pushing or shoving and in many cases without ever seeing another person at the site we were at. yes, Ahhhmazing. 🙂 We totally avoided summer months and spring break for vacations and also avoided the last month of school as every classroom in the nation seemed to be doing field trips during that month.

      1. Oldest is 36 and the youngest 27. For 19 years home schooling was my life. 😯. I taught them all through high school graduation. Must have done okay as they all went on to college and graduated (3 with honors brag brag. Not like I had much to do with that but hey, that’s half my DNA lol). Now I have grandkids being home schooled.

      2. Our oldest turned 34 today and our youngest is 29. I was a teacher for 25 years and have never understood the homeschool initiative. Please dont take that as a snub or ridicule, I just never knew anyone who did it, and being a teacher — I dont understand how anyone not trained in education could pull it off…I have read a lot about it in the past few years and am beginning to get a feel for how it can, in the right circumstance, be wonderful, so bravo that you obviously did such a good job? Can I ask why you began> ? What was the reason that you decided, all those years ago, that homeschooling was the way to go?

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