I know I am repeating myself, but mornings really are my favorite time of the day.  Late at night is good too, but I get a little spooked at night, the back yard is so dark through the Florida Room windows, I worry about lurkers….Not that I’ve ever had a lurker here, but you know….

At any rate, mornings are my time. promise of light through the dark.  Today the crickets are in full swing.  One brave little soul has camped out in the Florida Room, little sissy stops every time I walk out there and then hits it in high gear when I go up the  step  to head back into the  family room.  Sing on buddy, no way I’m going cricket hunting at 5:15 in the morning.

And, the coffee tastes better.  Nothing like a warm mug of coffee on a cool summer morning.  No rush, just drink and smile.

And the quiet.  for just a little bit there is no phone, no tv, no demands.  Wonderful quiet.  

I don’t know what it is.  But I do love me some morning time. 

( In the sense of full disclosure, I must admit, the TV is on, its just muted.  Haven’t been able to break my TV addiction yet, I need a program….)


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