August 14

Sitting on the couch, wrapped in a sweat shirt and long soft pants ( as my grandson Ryan would call them) — cold.  Cold?  Its August, on the east coast.  HHmmm……and as I sip my coffee and savor the quiet and the sun shining on the back of the couch in the florida room, and how it contrasts with the shadow over my spinning wheel….

I have this little internal smirk going on.  Because I know that next week teachers return to school. and the insanity begins.  And, even though I am back to work full time,living with some sort of schedule,  I am sO happy that I am not returning to the world of living life in 90 minute blocks ( or 45, depending on which paradigm is trending this year), of paying 3.50 for a slice of cold pizza and 3 pieces of lettuce and calling it lunch, of peeing and getting back into my “spot” in 3 minutes, of monitoring the hall, dreaming up “overaching enduring themes” and , oh lord, the paperwork….No, I do not miss you Public Education.

I do however, miss the interaction with peers and my wonderful students.  I miss “teaching”  “TEACHING”.  That amazing interaction of push and pull that happens when you work with kids — kids who trust you to deliver, to listen , to guide.  We did a lot more of that in the 90’s.  Before business and “district” and fools who know nothing about the mind of a teenager decided they were going to save education….

So, I will say a silent prayer next Monday that all of my colleagues, near and far, will have the peace and privilege to teach this year — and to learn.  and that the “powers that be” will respect their ability to do so. 


One thought on “August 14

  1. Whoa, you said a mouthful on this one…and it’s such an accurate summation it’s spooky! One of the seasoned teachers I met this past year was somewhat aggravated by all that had crept into the job of teaching as well. Excellent teacher, but I could definitely hear her frustration.

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