So last week I wrote a post about being molested as a child.  It has had NO readers.  Not one.  How ironic — molestation steals your personality and visability….and the post about it is invisible.  wow.


3 thoughts on “invisible

  1. There’s nothing like that betrayal when you’re telling of something heinous that happened to you to those that are supposed to take care of you and they brush it off like you told them you were going grocery shopping or something. Probably worse when you feel like your shouting into the dark and nobody’s there in the biggest social gathering of the work that is the internet. But, you are so not invisible…although you may need a few more telling tags and categories…this post will be found by so many people. Whether they comment or not, those that have experienced it will find some comfort that they’re not alone. This is probably one of the best things you could have done for them.

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