So, its been just over a year since I retired.  A year of deep breaths, overspending and relaxing.  I found a great part time gig before I retired and it has proven, until the first of this month, to be lucrative, allowing us to drift comfortably through the changes that retirement brings.  Then, it all kind of blew up.  One of the program directors left.  Another has decided she doesn’t like “sharing” me, so she’s just not going to use me, we got a new executive director and the program director who I have developed a great working and friendship relationship with was diagnosed with a brain tumor. a Brain Tumor.  Cancerous.  Surgery , extensive OT, chemo and radiation regime to be determined………..crisis mode.  So, pushing aside the drama of a young mother being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, which is really the only IMPORTANT consideration in this whole thing, pushing that aside, my work hours have gone from 15  week to 4.  That’s right, 4.  The projects Rachel and I were working on were put on hold with her illness.  The office is in terror mode, with everyone of the fulltime people  ( well, everyone except the one who doesn’t want to work with me anymore) chipping in and covering all the bases, and I am just sitting at home, checking email and hoping someone remembers to let me help  ….  frustrating, beyond words.

I need to work.  I need to generate a bit of income, but just as importantly, I need to contribute.  To have a schedule.  To work. 

So Ive been sending resumes and filling out applications and scanning websites….all the while hoping for an email from the Exec. Director. Ive been sending him a weekly email: basically a “don’t forget me, what can I do?” note…but man, this sucks.


2 thoughts on “re-set…again

  1. Brain tumors are nasty. We had a family member with one. It was a long time ago but this weekend I’m running in a 5K fundraiser for Brain Cancer research.

    I hope they find work for you or you find a different place where you can be put to use. Funny how we are all wired differently. You seem to thrive on schedule and working and I hate schedules and being tied to one type of job. It’s a good thing we aren’t all wired like me or else nothing would ever be completed! My husband on the other hand is a steady, stay at the same job kind of guy. He just celebrated 35 years with the same company. You don’t see that too often in this day and age!

    Glad to hear winter is passing.

  2. thank you for your note. Its no surprise that the illness of my friend/supervisor pulled me out of my funk — priorities and “real problems” as opposed to my whining…you know…
    Funny that you picked up on my need for a “schedule”. I love flexibility, so I don’t want my schedule to be “full”, but I do like knowing there are some planned events in my week….
    And what a wonderful thing to run the 5k for research. its incredible the things that can motivate us to do good…
    My husband just “celebrated” 40 years with his company. he started with them when he was 17, can you imagine? Retirement is still a few years away for him, I don’t know how he has done the same thing that long….

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