Addiction sucks

Damn it.  Addiction sucks.  Bites.  Blows.  Lingers and harms. 

That little rant was preceded by a visit today to one of my former students — in the hospital watching her newborn withdrawal from methadone.  Easy to type that sentence, so very hard to absorb.  This is a wonderful young lady.  Hit hard, hit young by life’s unfairness, understandably  unable to cope, adored by family, worshipped by teenage boys, stunningly beautiful, compassionate and loyal. Very adept at lying. She turned, I think during her senior year of high school — to the dark side.  Aided by moms breast cancer, the illness of a favored grandparent, a less than stable dad…the perfect storm of excuses to need a drink, a cigarette, heroin.  Jesus.  Heroin. 

the next several years she faded in and out of my Facebook stream.  Whenever I saw one of my graduates I asked if any of them had seen her.  Some years the answer was yes, sometimes a quiet “no”.  And then she hit bottom.  Hard, I hear.  Courts and probation, treatment and halfway houses…And then health.  9 months clean, living with a group of young women….smiling and thriving. 

And then, pregnant.  then alone.  then relapsed.  Treatment, again.

So today she is clean.  Almost 3 months.  And her baby is beautiful , but so small. and in withdrawal.

Addiction sucks.



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