Grammies conundrum

ImageYesterday I woke up with a bug.  Stomach churning bug.  (It may have been the three homemade pulled pork and cole slaw sandwiches I consumed during the superbowl, but whatever.)  I prepped for the arrival of young grandson Ryder, who I babysit on Mondays and Fridays — put the play mat out, the diapers…you know.  Then the phone rang.  Older grandson Jax was sick.  Jax has respiratory issues that flare in the winter, and he was just one week back in preschool after being home for 3 months with mom and new baby Ryder.  Had to go either to the doctor or ER….might need to borrow my 4wheel drive pathfinder since it was snowing AGAIN.  Two hours later Jax playing on a mat on the floor, Ryder cooing in his playchair, and me with coffee in hand, I smirked a little — Ive still got it. 

Then all hell broke loose.  Ryder crying, Jax refusing  to nap.  Woodstove ignored since I couldn’t figure out a way to get the wood and make sure Jax didn’t try to HELP.  Jax got mad at me for yelling — yes grammie lost it a bit and yelled “I am not happy with you right now” as he threw the trucks across the room.  My stomach hurt and I developed this annoying pain in the back of my head…Jesus, Im too old for this.  thirsty jax asked for a drink box.   Which he proceeded to squeeze all over himself….


So, when they all got picked up at 7 last night I put a heating pad on my neck and took a deep breath.  I have to work this afternoon which precludes my watching them today.  Daddy has to take up the slack ( which he is SO excited about…).  But then, I look at the play mat, the neatly lined up monster trucks and I miss my boys.  Can’t win for losin.


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