Before I start taking the medicine that should even out my moods I thought I should document that mess that is my head right now.  I go from triumphantly knitting a sock to crying at Remember the Titans.  I long for quiet, then fret when there are no grandbabies here.  There is a storm forecast for tomorrow and I am all tied in a knot worrying about my grandchildren, will the center be cold when Ava arrives, will Jax and Ryder be alright in Vals car, will Val be ok.  Will Drew leave early, intent on helping the world, and leaving my daughter and his children to fend for themselves…will Joe try the hill in the sebring?  Will Taresa be warm  enough in the house and will Gregg stay home, work on the computer and leave her to cope with 2 severely housebound toddlers.

Will I get enough hours in this week?  should I have retired or stuck out the hell that was my job? Does my new job need me or am I nearing termination.  Should I stay married?  Hell, what a mess it would be to divorce at this point.   Why aren’t I in the sewing room quilting?  I love to quilt, why am I avoiding  the sewing room?

Seriously, 3 minutes of rambling thoughts.  Im a mess.


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