Please excuse my self-absorption

I will forget this and I will need to read it, over and over and over.  So, I apologize for my self absorption, but maybe some of you could benefit from this mantra also.


I do not have to drop everything on a Sunday morning and go to the mall with my 28 year old daughter and her 3 month old– even if dropping everything only involves turning off the computer and putting on a pair of sweat pants.

I do not have to babysit my grandchildren every day, without notice, so that my children and their spouses can go to dinner, buy a car or “clean their house”

I do not have to drain my bank account, over and over and over, to pay car insurance, pad a bank account, update someones work wardrobe or buy a toy.

I do have the right to have the phone answered when I call, receive visits that don’t cost me anything in the way of time or money, and be appreciated.  Period.


Maybe if I read this everyday, I will begin to believe and live it.


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