Ah. The family vacation.

Back from the annual ( well almost annual, we missed last year, but that’s another story) family vacation.  A week on Cape Hatteras, sitting in the sand, listening to the grand  babies laugh, and fight. boy can those 4 find stuff to argue about.  You see , they are 1,2,3 and 4 years old.  You get the picture. 


But, in the midst of it all I was struck by the lack of urgency.  Often we get to the island and we hurry, gotta do this, see this, spend this much time in the sun…shop, whatever.  None of that this time.  Each day began in the sun and ended on the deck.  Bathing suits and flip flops.  Fried fish and steamed clams.  Blue claw crabs.  MInnows in the bait trap and oysters under our feet.  And no sense of ,” oh heck, its almost over:….just a feeling that we were supposed to be there, and that we would be there again.  Good stuff.  Good stuff.


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