different as the day is long

Oldest daughter posed an interesting question today.  If one was offered $600,000 a year salary, but it meant that you would have to move across the country ( coast to coast) and raise your family away from friends and grandparents and family rituals and the like, would it be worth the cost.  She said, hands down, she’d do it.  You can make anything work for a couple years.  With that salary you could fly the family out 5 times a year ( hhmm, hugging the grandbabies 5 times a year???)  You could save enough money in 2 or 3 years to pay for college for the now toddlers….

I however, with the years of raising a family way behind me, and the years of grandparenting in full swing, beg to differ.  Ive never been given the opportunity to make that kind of money, so I cant say for sure, but I think, I really believe, that I couldn’t, wouldn’t do it.  In our tech savvy, get on a plane and go society, moving across the country may not seem a big deal, but when you think about the day to day, or week to week, interactions between family, friends, grandchildren, cousins….I don’t think its worth the cost.  There is nothing like family, even a slightly dysfunctional family — cousins and aunts and uncles who dote over you, people with the same last name , the same grandmom….

And then there is the question of, does anyone really need that kind of money?  And what does that kind of money do to you, to children?  I haven’t met a lot of people in those tax brackets that I look up to, or envy, or respect.  (I haven’t met a lot of those people, period, but those I have I am not real fond of). 

Fortunately I will not have to answer this question in my lifetime, but she may.  And I worry that she might…


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