Seriously? Im not sure I have the fight in me

In the course of a lifetime, or when you look at the world and all the battles and issues we need to fight or pray over or deal with — this is a little one.  But it ticked me off none the less. I just retired.  Took a pay cut, decided to suck it up and suck it in and get out of teaching.  AAAAhhhh.

We have a small ( emphasis SMALL) savinigs, could probably go 6 months if my husband suddenly lost all income.  We have a nice house and dont need to replace a car right now, so we shouldnt have too much trouble settling into this slightly more austere existance.  Sort of looking forward to coupons and sales and decision making…

So yesterday I get a letter from the company that holds our equity line.  We have used this, over the years, to help with 2 weddings, 3 college tuitions, 1 medical crisis with daughter and the break up of my sons relationship ( which left him raising a 5 month old by himself in a house he couldnt hardly afford WITH a second income from wife to be).   We’ve splurged a couple times and took vacations that we couldnt afford. Bought a piece of property at the beach (impulse buy, probably not smart, no house or bulkhead, not allowed to camp there, but hey I have land at the beach) Have a higher balance on there then we would like but we pay the bill and then some every month.  The balance of just over $50,000 on the line was ( WAS) our back up.  We like knowing there is a hunk of money laying there if we NEED it — you know, grandchild needs something, refrigerator blows up, car breaks down….Then yesterday CHASE decides the value of our house has gone down and they are cutting the extra balance.  Cant borrow a penny more on that line.  HUH?  Everyone’s house value has gone down, and ours is still way higher than the amount we were okayed for…..and now I dont have 50000 in the wings just in case.  How is it possible for them to do  that?  they didnt look at our home or our life.  They decided from some office in New York that we could no longer count on the back up they had agreed to.  Ticked me off.  Husband is calling them today, but I know they will not change their plan.  Jerks. 


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