He said..”.adorable”

ImageMy husband is a  man of few words. Not prone to bursts of emotion or long dialogs — he surprised me this morning when, as I passed him on my way to the coffee pot, he said “that case you made for your kindlefire is adorable”  Thats right, this guy, the Italian Stallion incarnate — said my kindle case was adorable.  How to react?  If I laughed and said “adorable?  Thats a new one for you….any other commentary this morning?” He would have clammed up and gone back to tieing his work boots.  If I thanked him and asked if it was the heart fabric or the felted trim that he liked he would have given me “the look”  and mumbled something about being hungry for scrambled eggs…

Now, truth be told, he bought me the kindle and is happy that his generosity has been rewarded with me using it DAILY , but I cant remember, in 34 years of marriage his ever spontaneously commenting on the physical attributes of anything.  No ” I like the fabric on that couch” or “your purse matches your shoes” or “that camoflauge shirt matches my camo jacket”.  Nothing, Nada. 

Cracked me up.  My kindle case is adorable.

Then, it hit.  “You should make a bunch of them and sell them”.  AAh….now I  get it.  Im retiring in a few weeks, the guy is trying to drum up income.

Gotta love him.


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