buh bye Christmas

So, when i tell people about our Christmas break, theyve been saying , wow, sorry everyone was sick, or “did you get a break at all?” or “next year will be better’….but I really don’t get it. The way I see it, it was a wonderful break. All the kids and grandkids were here for Christmas dinner and massive present opening, everyone called and sent pictures and we went shopping a few times. Ava hugged me and said “I love you gram’, Ryan burst into the room in his storm trooper costume and announced he was “saving” me, Jax spent almost every day here since he was sick and his mom and dad had to work, and sweet Amelia laughed and crawled in hugged like no one else in the world. The guys all wore their ugly Christmas sweaters, Drew even went home and got his since he forgot to wear it… they played in the snow, they ate cookies and candy canes…..it was a wonderful wonderful week.
Sure, Jax had pneumonia, mom was a bit of a mess, Ryan and Amelia got sick and I had a mix up at the studio, but it was a wonderful week, full of family and support and laughter.

Ill take that anytime.


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