funny thing

sitting here tonight, the night before the night before christmas, I am struck by the calm in the air. Trees are lit in every room, the house smells wonderful, Ive been baking since lunch time, and the movie “White Christmas” is on the TV. This whole Empty Nest routine is getting pretty comfortable. We’ve been in the process of emptying our nest since fall of 1998 when the oldest headed off to college, leaving little bro and sis behind. Since then they have all three gone to college, moved back after graduation, moved away, moved back, moved out and moved in at least once–and each time its fun and familiar. I used to think that the lights on the tree, or the smell of cookies baking wouldnt have much meaning when it was just hubby and I, but I was wrong , very wrong. The smells and lights and familiar sounds of the movie remind me of years past and make me excited about the years to come. there is something kind of reassuring about the circle of days and nights that pass…
I am smart enough to know that tomorrow the ceiling could fall in, the world as we know it could be altered, but each strong healthy and happy day shores us up for any upcoming storm — our little family will sing again,and laugh again, and cry again and gather around a tv or a Christmas tree. The familiar will mingle with the new, and it will, as always, be good.


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