Hello world!

someone said to me today “seriously, you  should blog or something. you’re like the queen of stories…”

She was all worked up because I had given her a wreath fashioned from vintage Christmas Ornaments on the day i had sent her to an incredible emilehenry sale.  So I was pretty much infalliable in her eyes by this time of day.

Ive actually  done a couple blog attempts in the past.  Always feel that what I have to say is interesting to someone besides me, but never really clicked, or had them click with others.

Interesting week though, I was fired from a volunteer job.  How the hell does that happen?  I mean, Ive got two pay jobs, but fired from a volunteer position?  some soul searching in order maybe???

they were a bunch of pretentious old biddies patting themselves on the back for all they had accomplished.  I was the “relative newcomer”, seriously, they called me that….who didnt quite fit in.  How dare I question the status quo, which by the way, was why they had offered me a leadership position in the first place….long story short, Im a 55 year old woman who is doing up the “midlife” thing like its my job.  Left my husband last year, came back.  Started a new job, bursting with creative opportunity, decided to retire ( soon, soon…) from the “career” and devote some of my time paying forward the help that had been given us when our daughter suffered from an eating disorder….( this part resulted in the volunteer position ….)  I spend much of my time sitting in front of a spinning wheel and even more of it sitting with this computer on my lap.  I have a bunch of amazing grandchildren and three children that I cherish.  My husband of a million years is a genuinely good guy, but a little dense when it comes to feelings and expressing himself — of course thats not unique to him…

So I shall start a blog.  I will be the queen of stories.  I will wax poetic on life, couponing, knitting, fighting eating disorders and the evils of public education. Lets see how this goes…


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I think she pegged you right. I have been here over an hour, I think. I need to be packing. I’ve read many a blog, some upbeat and some not-so-much. I don’t think I’ve ever read another more real and more personal without wanting to say “TMI, TMI…”. With all the heartbreaking revelations you have on this blog, I can actually read it without that feeling. That’s a pretty cool trick.

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